Agenda Key Themes

Shopping Experiences of the Future

Shopping Experiences of the Future is a series of sessions that address some of the most critical changes in store experiences and highlight new retailer offerings that attract and convert shoppers. Topics covered include changing store formats, the evolution of payments, AR and VR and the use of AI in retail.

Designing Innovative Products and Experiences

Designing Innovative Products and Experiences provides a deep dive into issues related to design, with a focus on how branded manufacturers and retailers alike are designing new, innovative products and immersive experiences to win over changing consumers.

Digitization of Physical Retail Stores

The Digitization of Physical Retail Stores track addresses how retailers are using new technologies to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Topics covered include in-store mobile offerings, interactive technologies and omnichannel customer experiences.

On-Demand, Delivery and Logistics

In the On-Demand, Delivery and Logistics track, we explore advances in fulfillment, including developments in both at-home delivery and alternative pickup points. It covers overall last-mile strategies, same-day shipping, store fulfillment and returns.

Investment and Entrepreneurship

In the Investment and Entrepreneurship track, leading venture capital firms discuss what they’re looking for in startups while venture-backed CEOs address what it takes to build successful and differentiated businesses.

Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands

The Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands track highlights venture-backed companies that are introducing disruptive products, business models and technologies to the commerce world. We'll hear from startup CEOs across different categories as they discuss how their companies are changing everything about how consumers discover, shop and buy.

Innovative Ecommerce Trends

The Innovative Ecommerce Trends track covers major shifts in how products and services are sold online and addresses topics such as marketplaces, brands selling direct, new retail ecommerce models and mobile-centric business models.

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution looks at how brands and retailers are adapting their marketing strategies to take advantage of new tactics, technologies and platforms. Topics include advances in mobile marketing, new social platforms and building loyalty.

Measurement, Analytics and Insights

The Measurement, Analytics and Insights track covers advances in measuring online and offline shopping behaviour. It looks at the new technologies brands and retailers are using to better understand their customers' shopping habits and highlights how companies are turning data into insights that help them better run their businesses.

Culture and Leadership

The Culture and Leadership track looks at how traditional organisations are successfully cultivating innovation and addresses how companies are developing the next generation of leadership as the knowledge and expertise needed to compete in a rapidly evolving market change.

Consumer Behaviour, Expectations and Demographics

The Consumer Behaviour, Expectations and Demographics track looks at shifts in demographics, behaviour and preferences that affect how consumers discover, shop and buy. It addresses a wide range of topics, from different demographic shifts across Europe to consumers’ desire for greater product and manufacturing transparency.

Commerce Technologies That Power The Customer Experience

Commerce Technologies That Power The Customer Experience takes an in-depth look at some of the technologies enabling the new generation of online and in-store shopping. From unified commerce platforms to point solutions that tackle specific customer pain points, this track looks at some of the latest developments in commerce technology from the perspective of both retailers and solution providers.

Cross-Border Commerce

The Cross-Border Commerce track addresses the challenges of international expansion, both online and offline. It addresses how leading retailers are expanding into and across Europe, as well as into new markets in North America, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and beyond.

Startup Pitch

On the Startup Pitch track, 15 innovative early-stage companies present their businesses to a panel of distinguished judges from the investment community to vie for two prizes. Each company will have just three minutes to pitch their companies and three minutes for Q&A with the judges. Two winners will be selected from the 15 competing startups: one winner will be selected by our panel of judges and the other through audience voting.