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Our First 100 Shoptalk Europe Speakers: An Amazing Lineup of European and Global Leaders, Including 50+ CEOs

With less than five months to go until our inaugural Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen, we’ve been heads down building a new agenda and recruiting an incredible set of speakers. A total of 250 speakers will be confirmed by the time of the event (October 9-11, 2017). These speakers will represent a cross-section of countries and companies and will not be centered around any single region or ecosystem. Indeed, we chose Copenhagen for that exact reason: A show in Berlin runs the risk of being too focused on German innovation, for example; one in London can easily become too UK-centric.

Creating The First Large Pan-European Event For Innovation In Retail & Ecommerce: Shoptalk Europe

Retail and ecommerce are changing globally. New technologies, trends and business models are rapidly transforming the way people discover, shop and buy all of their physical goods, from grocery to fashion and everything in between.