e-comm Asocijacija in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Association for Internet Trade "eComm" in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an association founded in October 2021 with the aim of improving the standards of the e-commerce industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and bringing it closer to world trends.

The association was founded by the companies PIK doo (OLX), Lilium Digital doo, Association Arbitri, and Association "Bit Alijansa", with the support of the project "MarketMakers" financed by the Swiss Government. The association is of an open type, and through the expansion of membership and partnerships, it will work to strengthen advocacy for the development of the e-commerce industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The association will   achieve its goals through actions towards traders, customers, and towards the public sector which is responsible for the legal framework and business environment. 

Association "eComm" in Bosnia and Herzegovina will:

  • organize and carry out continuous education of e-commerce participants in BiH, 
  • carry out active promotion of e-commerce in BiH, 
  • advocate for the regulation of the legal framework and public policies that will be directed towards the development of the e-market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.