About ISMI 

Trends, technology, innovations, new business models and globalization... force us to invest more in development, learning & development, however, knowledge is quickly becoming obsolete these days. We, therefore, consider human capital to be the most essential value factor within a company, but this is under constant pressure.

ISMI is the largest business-to-shopper platform. Knowledge centre, knowledge developer and advocate for Shopper and Customer Marketing professionals stands for continuous development and professionalization of the field and sub-areas for all relevant sectors. The behaviour of the consumer as a shopper is the starting point in the development of business strategy, planning and operation. Our goal is to enable Trade, Shopper, (customer) Marketing & Sales professionals to function more effectively and efficiently in order to make a relevant contribution to the intended (company) objectives.

Integral knowledge and understanding of consumer needs and behaviour as a shopper in the various channels is therefore essential and will promote cooperation between the manufacturer (brand) and retailer as well as increase the role of supplier and agency.