Shoptalk Europe’s Retail Education Certificate is awarded each year to attendees who complete at least 10 credits of approved continuing education at Shoptalk Europe.

Earning your Shoptalk Europe Retail Education Certificate is simple. Just attend enough keynote, track and Tabletalk sessions to earn 10 credits. Your presence will be logged via the RFID beacon affixed to your badge.

That’s it! After the event, we’ll tally the number of credits you earned, and send electronic badges to all who qualify.

Here’s how to earn your credits:

Continuing education Credits
Track sessions 1.0 credit (40 min)
Main stage sessions 0.5 credit (20 min)
Tabletalks * 1.0 credit per Tabletalk
Hosted Retailers & Brands Programme * 0.5 credits per hour (4 meetings)

* Retailers and brands only

The Annual Retail Education Certificate helps recipients distinguish themselves at a time when there is a significant divide in retail industry professionals’ knowledge of digital innovation. Any attendee can qualify for an Annual Retail Education Certificate and we’re working directly with employers to help teams across their organisations participate in the annual certificate programme.

Anyone with a Certificate ID can verify an Annual Retail Education Certificate.

If you’re a recipient of a 2023 Annual Retail Education Certificate, you will be able to download a badge and/or a PDF version of your certificate.

You can add your Annual Retail Education Certificate to your Linkedin profile—hundreds of recipients have already added theirs from our sister show in the US.

Your badge is enabled with passive tracking which will capture your content attendance and award you with Retail Education Certificate credits post-event. Please speak to a member of the registration staff if you do not wish to participate in Retail Education Certificate accreditation.

Below are the companies that received the most
retail education certificates at our most recent Shoptalk Europe event

Top 10 retailers and brands
receiving certificates

  1. Chalhoub Group
  2. Sonae
  4. Bacardi
  5. Camper
  6. Carturesti
  7. Footasylum
  8. JD
  9. Simons
  10. S-Group

Top 10 qualifying non-retailers and brands receiving certificates

  1. Contentsqaure
  2. Google
  3. Botify
  4. Global-e
  5. Snap
  6. Dante International
  7. NYLAS
  8. Quantam Metric
  9. Spryker Systems
  10. Worldpay from FIS

Top 10 companies with highest scoring individual attendee

  1. BHG Berlin Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
  2. Verizon
  3. Camper
  4. Courts Mammouth
  5. Ahold Delhaize
  6. Studenac
  7. Kave Home
  8. Carturesti
  9. Tesco
  10. NK