Shoptalk Europe Meetup

Shoptalk Europe Meetup

Wanting every industry journalist to be talking about your latest products, collaborations and company announcements?

Meetup at Shoptalk Europe is Europe’s largest and most advanced meetings programme to ever exist in retail. But thousands of retail innovators doesn’t need to mean thousands of unsolicited meeting requests, guesswork or AI gimmicks.

Taking the guesswork out of networking, removing the risk of wasted minutes and putting you 100% in control, Meetup democratises the struggle to meet the right people and companies. Both you and who you want to meet first confirm to us that you see the business value in being connected, and then we do all the hard work scheduling your business meetings for you. Only Shoptalk does this.

So whether you’re looking to meet with media, wanting to share company news or participate in exclusive interviews, we’ll ensure you are connected to the right people.

Speaking at Shoptalk Europe

Lights, camera, action! Take the stage at Shoptalk.

With 3,000+ retail industry changemakers in the audience, there is no better setting to shout about your latest products, collaborations and innovations than Shoptalk Europe. Take the stage this May in Barcelona and play an integral role in pushing the industry forward.

You’re just one click away from achieving all of the above!