Shoptalk Meetup Meetup

Introducing Meetup

Looking for your next tech transformation to skyrocket your product offering and customer experience? How does thousands of retail tech’s brightest minds in one location sound?

Meetup at Shoptalk Europe is Europe’s largest and most advanced meetings programme to ever exist in retail. But thousands of retail innovators doesn’t need to mean thousands of unsolicited meeting requests or AI gimmicks underdelivering expected valuable connections.

Taking the guesswork out of networking, removing the risk of wasted minutes and putting you 100% in control, Meetup democratises the struggle to meet the right people and companies. Both you and who you want to meet first confirm to us that you see the business value in being connected, and then we do all the hard work scheduling your business meetings for you.

So whether you’re looking for a game-changing tech solution, wanting to connect with a fellow retailer or brand, hoping to hire or seeking investment, we’ll ensure you are connected to the right people at the right time.

Free passes for retailers and brands

If you’re responsible for procuring the latest innovations in your brand, you can attend Europe’s leading retail show completely FREE! We’ll cover your ticket, hotel and travel costs and facilitate eight on-site double opt-in meetings with cutting edge solution providers of your choice.


Tabletalks: Join in on conversations around pressing industry topics

You, a round table and a curated selection of retail game changers obsessed with all things innovation. Fewer conversations are more impactful than Tabletalks. Collaborate with your industry peers and move the needle through shared insight on the topics that matter most.

Parties & Dinners

Create lasting memories at unmatched parties & receptions

Shoptalk Europe is more than just three days jam-packed with insights from the industry's boldest names—From our epic industry party to our premium dinners across the city of Barcelona there are extraordinary memories to be created and connections to be made. Last year, we closed out the event with a Basement Jaxx concert. Stay tuned to see who will perform this May!

You’re just one click away from achieving all of the above!