Alexander Leichter

Founder & CEO

byrd technologies

Alexander Leichter is the Founder and CEO of byrd technologies GmbH. A dynamic leader with
more than 15 years of experience in driving innovation and growth in the supply chain and
technologies space. Alex founded byrd in 2016 with the vision to redefine European e-
commerce logistics. Through his execution, the company has become the first European
fulfillment network (25+ warehouses) and a global technology leader within just 5 years,
providing scalable e-commerce logistics services to hundreds of online merchants. This has
earned him membership in several governmental and industry advisory boards.
Prior to founding byrd, Alex built a career as a professional athlete, as a member of the Austrian
National Rowing Team for 10 years. He holds several national titles, as well as medals at the
European and World Championships. Notably, he participated in the Cambridge-Oxford Boat
Race as Captain of the Cambridge crew.
Alex started his career in M&A for Greenhill, focusing on technology and e-commerce
transactions based in London. In parallel to his professional sporting career, Alex served in the
Austrian Armed forces and earned the rank of Corporal. He now lives in Berlin with his wife
Antonia and their daughter.