Aprajita Jain

Chief Brand Marketing Evangelist


Aprajita Jain is a global soul with Indian roots and a German upbringing.

She is the Chief Brand Marketing Evangelist at Google and feels she has found her “calling”. In her 19 years at Google Aprajita has worked with some of our most sophisticated advertisers to help them improve their Digital Marketing strategies that are grounded in consumers’ wants and needs. She works in lockstep with our sales teams to understand client’s business challenges and design bespoke solutions that are inspirational, educational - yet immediately actionable - and are meant to transform their business...and ours!

In her Google career she has focused on various Performance Marketing solutions, including Search, Dynamic Remarketing, Prospecting and Mobile solutions for some of our largest advertisers in the Retail and Travel industries before she discovered her love for Branding 8 years ago.

Her approach to executive meetings is to provoke bold action through the perfect mix of facts & fun, head & heart, convincing & caring. She has led over 800 such meetings. Her engagements have resulted in YT revenue gains up to 1000%.

She is a die hard Bollywood fan, movie critic, blog author and dancer. She speaks four languages which makes her hobby of traveling the world a lot easier.