Barny Darby



Barny is the co-founder of Hullabalook, a B2B software company whose technology platform powers unique shopping experiences within retailers' websites.

Before founding Hullabalook, Barny spent a decade interpreting, analysing and visualising complex data as Solutions Director for BAE Systems - one of the largest defence & security companies in the world. He was tasked with designing systems to convey the results of complex data science to people with non-technical backgrounds in government agencies and major financial institutions.

Retailers work with a vast amount of product and user data and often use it suboptimally. Barny decided to change this - he would use his experience to help retailers find clarity in their chaotic data and build sophisticated software that shoppers everywhere, on any device, could use and enjoy.

Today, Hullabalook is powering shopping experiences for retailers around the world, including 6 of the top 10 Home and Garden retailers in the UK.