Cameron Worth

Founder & CEO

SharpEnd /

Cameron, 35, founded SharpEnd / in 2014 as the industry’s first IoT agency with a mission
to create the biggest ever digital unlock for brands, where their products become interactive
media. Against the grain of the industry, SharpEnd / focused on supporting brands
creatively and strategically, defining and delivering value from IoT for brand owners and, most
importantly, consumers. Cameron has since grown SharpEnd / to a team of 50 people,
across two continents. Together, the team proudly supports a wide range of the world’s most
ambitious brands across fashion, beauty, drinks and FMCG such as Estée Lauder Companies,
PepsiCo, Levi’s and Balmain.

In 2019, with billions of products using their technology and solutions across most continents,
Cameron led the development of a proprietary SaaS solution for brands, called, to
centralise and manage the data from connected products. The platform now handles connected
product engagements in over 130 countries.

Cameron, from London, is a regular speaker, writer and podcast guest exploring how to build
brands in a connected world and has spoken on many of the world’s biggest stages including
Cannes, the Festival of Marketing, LuxePack, Ad:Week, DMA, Cosmetics Business Live, Mobile
World Congress and the IoT World Forum.