David Bryngelsson

Co-Founder & CEO


David Bryngelsson, PhD, CEO and Founder of CarbonCloud, knew he had access to decades of climate research and data that could solve over a quarter of all global emissions currently released by the food industry. With CarbonCloud, he mobilized an impactful team of scientists, developers, and climate-accountable business developers to empower food system actors to combat climate change.

The CarbonCloud SaaS platform delivers rapid climate footprint insights for critical climate action across the entire food industry. The platform houses the largest dataset delivering climate footprints for food, designed for real-time and networked supply chain oversight and emissions-hotspot identification for accelerated climate decisions. Additional infrastructure innovations include sandbox environments for business risk and investment mitigation.

Prior to becoming a climate-tech entrepreneur, David spent 8 years immersed in climate change mitigation as a published researcher and lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden’s MIT). The shift from science to entrepreneurship was the necessary and responsible path to put emissions-reduction knowledge and data into the hands of those who need it to solve climate change.