Debjani Deb

Co-Founder & CEO


Debjani Deb is the CEO and Co-founder of ZineOne, Inc., a Real-Time Marketing Platform provider founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley. She is a board advisor for the PulsePoint Group, a management consulting firm based in Austin, TX. Previously, Debjani was CEO and Co-founder of EmPower, which was acquired by Genpact (NYSE: G) in 2012. Her expert knowledge is derived from her experience working in several technology companies, including the GCI Group, Mayan Networks, and Booz Allen & Hamilton. She holds master’s degrees from both MIT and Stanford, and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Rutgers.

Since ZineOne’s inception, Debjani has focused on building a solid company by prioritizing business fundamentals of revenue, profit, margins, product, customers, and employees. 

Committed to these fundamentals Debjani has led ZineOne to deliver in-the-moment, contextual customer experiences for Verizon, Tailored Brands, Kohl’s, Crate & Barrel and more top brands. As ZineOne’s CEO and Co-founder, she was recognized by The Software Report as one of the Top Women Leaders in SaaS in 2020. Debjani was also chosen by Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the 2021 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley. 

With the demise of third-party cookies, it's imperative for leading brands to find new methods to acquire and engage consumers in the privacy-forward future. ZineOne is the leading Real-Time Marketing Platform that scores and adjusts the experience of every site visitor in the moment, while on the website or mobile app, at scale - regardless of whether the visitor is anonymous or known - without storing any PII data. Top brands across retail, e-commerce, telecom, banking, and hospitality make every session count by increasing site visitor conversions and tracking the exact monthly revenue contribution by deploying ZineOne technology.