Emmanuel Eribo

Co-Founder & CEO


Emmanuel Eribo, co-founder & CEO of LØCI went from Bath University to the city trading floor before becoming an entrepreneur. Co-founded Butterfly Twists (2012) a vegan ladies footwear brand, from a kitchen table to selling over 3.4million pairs, in 67 countries and opening 32 of mono-brand stores around the world.

It wasn’t long before the realities of overproduction, ethics and the economic impacts to a search for a better way, building a new, more progressive brand that would champion change in the industry operate with cruelty-free, ethics & sustainability at its core – LØCI was born.

The Name LØCI derives from the Latin ‘Locus’ meaning ‘Home, centre or place’ and realising that the reasons he left banking were prevalent in retail – LØCI was all about a new, less travelled path.

Inspired by the need to disrupt, build a brand that believes it can galvanise a community of customers to make an impact – look good whilst, feeling good. A brand built on the ethos that ‘the world doesn’t need more shoes’. Listen in to hear how that works!