Jérôme Dubreuil

Chief Innovation Officer


Leading the digital transformation at Decathlon since 2020 as Chief Digital Officer for 100,000 teammates and 70 countries, and 20+ years of experience improving people's life and experiences thanks to innovation and advanced technologies.

9 years in startups in Silicon Valley: built an early startup incubator and launched 3 spinoffs in domains from speech recognition to connected objects, the third (Orb Networks) having been acquired by Qualcomm.

9 years in large multinationals based in the Silicon Valley: built a worldwide cloud for connected devices and cloud-based consumer services at HP (2 years), followed by 7 years at Samsung to build an "IoT as a service" cloud platform, later merged with SmartThings, Samsung's current consumer IoT ecosystem.

Software engineer background, with a passion for building teams of high-ethics and game-changing people. Lived in 5 countries/4 continents, speaks English, French, Spanish. A lifelong fan of nature, diversity, cultures, and a lover of mountains, climbing and hiking.