Leonie Schuessler

Managing Partner, Strategy


Leonie is a visionary consumer and future trend professional with boundless passion for the  creation of new ideas and answers for global cultural shifts, changing environments and  consumer behavior. With new impulses and in-depth knowledge about shifts in an ever changing world, Leonie developed strategies and concepts for a variety of brands and new  business cases. She loves to shape the future by creating visionary strategies whilst  engaging stakeholders, networks and consumers to actively seek and support markets and  communities. 

Leonie Schüssler began her career at Ogilvy in 2008 and recently returned to run the  German Strategy team. After several years at Ogilvy and Leo Burnett until 2014, she took  her expertise in brand strategy to cosmetics brand ZOEVA, where she worked as Head of  International Sales and Business Development, helping to expand the young brand into  international markets. When she joined cosnova Beauty in 2016, Leonie took over  responsibility for trends, innovation and new business concepts within the company’s  Think Tank. Most recently she was responsible for Game Changing Innovation projects at  Henkel, with a strong focus on sustainability, advanced technology and ecosystem brands.  Leonie founded two cosmetics brands as an intrapreneur at cosnova and her own brand for  sustainable fashion in 2016. She drives thought leadership and is helping Ogilvy Germany  to grow and to be future-ready with new impulses.