Ling Lei

Founder & Head of Innovation

Ochama, a division of

Mr. Pass Ling Lei is the Head of Innovation and Founder of Ochama, a B2C omni-channel retail brand in Europe that was launched by Chinese e-commerce giant in 2022. Ochama has emerged as a trailblazing retailer in the Netherlands by offering a wide range of both food and non-food products. Under Mr. Lei’s leadership and vision, Ochama has achieved an unprecedented growth of RMB 1 billion within a year of its inception. is a Fortune Global 500 company listed on Nasdaq and HKEx. Mr. Lei joined in 2018 and served as General Manager of the group buying e-commerce business and community store business before establishing Ochama. Prior to, Mr. Lei held senior roles at HSBC China and Lenovo China & US. He began his career as a software developer at the HSBC Global Technology Center.

By leveraging's extensive retail and supply chain experience, Ochama has developed a unique business model that integrates an online shop, automated warehouse, and offline pick-up points, to offer a full range of quality products at competitive prices. Ochama's sprawling warehouse, spanning over 20,000 sqm, is equipped with a cutting-edge goods-to-people automation system, which enhances picking efficiency to three times compared to conventional methods.

Under Mr. Lei’s leadership, Ochama has been scaling up its business through collaborations with third party offline channels, including opening pick-up points in Blokker stores, the renowned Dutch non-food retailer with over 400 stores throughout the Netherlands. Ochama also partners with SMEs, such as restaurants and corner shops, enabling them to earn commission income by fulfilling orders and tapping into the abundant traffic directed from the Ochama web shop and app. Through the adoption of a third party pick-up point model, Ochama has successfully expanded into markets beyond the Netherlands, including Germany, Belgium, and France.

Ochama's launch in Europe was a remarkable breakthrough, setting a new benchmark for the rapid establishment of an omni-channel business. Ochama was recognized by the Dutch government for its innovative business approach, and also received extensive media coverage in leading publications such as Financial Times.

Mr. Lei holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Oxford and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of St Andrews.