Lisa Rodwell



Lisa Rodwell is the CEO of Daye, a women’s healthcare company innovating in gynae health.
Daye exists to bridge the gender gap in medical research and innovation by building products rooted in science, and inspired by the female intuition. Daye started by tackling the gender pain gap with our CBD tampon - the world's first and only natural solution to period pain. Beyond tampons, we've expanded to vaginal health, with our ProViotics - a range of lactobacilli-based treatments for recurrent vaginal infections and will soon be launching at home vaginal microbiome screening.

She began her 30 years career at Procter & Gamble in Toronto after receiving a Bachelor of Commerce Honours from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

She then dedicated her career to growing some of the world's most exciting businesses and brands online. With a real commitment to driving brand experience and digital innovation, she applied that approach across an array of industries from online marketplaces, direct to consumer subscription businesses, online printing, communities to sustainable fashion. Lisa has held a range of c-suite positions and senior marketing roles at eBay, Yahoo!, MOO.COM, Wool and the Gang,, Swyft Home.

Today, in addition to leading the team at Daye, Lisa also sits on the Board of Pact Coffee, UK’s most loved speciality coffee brand and, the home of accessible art.