Marianne Stjernvall

Head of Customer Growth & Personalization

Coop Sweden

Marianne a.k.a the Queen of CRO, is one of the leading specialists within CRO and AB-testing. She is currently the Head of Customer Growth & Personalization at Coop Sweden.

In 2020 she was awarded CRO practitioner of the year (in-house). She is also an appreciated speaker and leads both workshops for companies as well as education at schools to get more great people into the world of experimentation. For Marianne - the key is to explain the complex world of data in an inspiring and pedagogical way.

”Data, insights, action! Data is simply another word for our users. So a data driven culture means that we listen to our users and take actions based on them. There is no better way to be future proof than to actually listen to the people who are going to use our product.”