Markus Linder

Founder & CEO


Markus Linder is an impact entrepreneur and impact investor. As
the Founder & CEO of tech startup inoqo ( ) and as an early stage impact
investor, he focuses on globally scalable business models tackling the biodiversity and climate
crisis. On his social media, he advocates for more conscious consumption.
As a student in Vienna in 2006, Markus co-founded the SaaS-Startup Zoovu (pka
SMARTASSISTANT - 150+ employees, $200M+ VC-funded). As the founding CEO, he helped
the company to become a global leader for AI digital sales assistants serving major companies
such as Amazon, Microsoft and Unilever.
In 2019, Markus took some time off to travel with his family. During that time he learnt about the
impact the climate and biodiversity crisis will have on his own life and the life of his children.
Following this realisation, he decided to fully leverage his experience, network and skills to help
mitigate the worst effects of the crisis. He then founded inoqo, a startup that enables retailers,
F&B brands and suppliers to assess and optimize the impact of thousands of products along
the whole value chain.