Noam Levavi

Co-Founder & CEO


Noam Levavi is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of innovations in user experience technologies, including several patents in the areas of personalized media delivery and user interfaces. In 2017, Noam founded ByondXR, a retail-tech startup that empowers brands and retailers to improve sales and customer engagement through groundbreaking 3D visualization technology. Using ByondXR’s 3D Commerce Platform, brands can transform into the new digital era, creating experiences to enhance Wholesale, Merchandising, and eComm that boost sales and improve efficiency. ByondXR is set to become the first company to offer self-service virtual experience creation and management.
Prior to founding ByondXR, Noam founded and was the CEO of YCD Multimedia, a world-leading on-site digital media provider, helping brands deliver personalized content to their customers, reaching more than 100 million people every month within thousands of venues worldwide. In 2008 Noam was honored to be featured by Forbes Israel as one of the country’s most influential young professionals.
Being a long-time SciFi fan, Noam has been fascinated with advances in virtual reality and human-machine interfaces. He visualizes an emerging reality of digital enhancements to the human body and seamless brain-machine interfaces that extend our mental abilities into a complete and immersive sensory experience, forming new perceptions of reality.