Richard Lems

Director, Format & Design

Rituals Cosmetics

When he was young, Richard knew that retail is his thing. Starting as the youngest
manager for a big retail chain in The Netherlands, he grew from area manager to
Director of Format & Design. Twelve years ago, he started with the start-up
“Rituals,” and since then, he is one of the key people responsible person for the
amazing growth of the company. Responsible for the Format & Design strategy, and
the general look and feel of all point of sales, his team managed the growth of point
of sales locations from 7 standalone stores to 900; and from 700 wholesale
locations to 3000 wholesale locations in the last 10 years. Translating the brand
philosophy in a retail experience and let the rituals fans get the best “slow down”
experience they can have. At Rituals we don’t sell beauty, we’re here to make you
feel special!