Rupert Cruise

Co-Founder & Technical Director


Rupert Cruise is the Co-Founder and Technical Director at Magway, a zero-emissions delivery solution that tackles the problem of pollution head-on. In this role he leads on the technical development of the Magway system and its revolutionary technology.   

A pre-eminent expert in linear motors, Rupert has designed linear motors for high-speed and high-power transport projects. Before Magway, he founded Linear Motor Technologies, where he used his expertise to help improve the performance and efficiency of transport systems for government agencies and private companies around the world. His background also includes knowledge gained from working across sectors including mining, investment banking, academia, and renewable energy.   

Rupert has used his expertise in linear motor technology to develop the Magway system and allowing businesses to reduce the financial and environmental cost of their logistics processes. As the world moves towards net-zero emissions, Magway has been developed to aid this transition while also enabling businesses to operate more sustainably. Rupert holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand and an MBA from Oxford University.