Sanja Kon



Sanja is a digital executive, entrepreneur and public speaker with extensive experience in delivering sustainable revenue growth in multinationals and startups within the e-commerce and fintech industries. Both her work and her public speaking are deeply rooted in her ideals of diversity, inclusion and continuous improvement. As the CEO at UTRUST, a Web3 payment platform, Sanja has embraced the mission of fundamentally changing the way the world pays. By leading the company into an acquisition by Elrond Networks, she has set the groundwork for a market-dominating future where crypto payments truly become a mainstream alternative to traditional methods. As a creative strategist, always focused on innovation, Sanja has guided multiple successful teams before, from the cross-functional teams that developed and executed the Marketplace proposition at PayPal to the one that created the European Partnerships strategy at eBay.  A multilingual communicator, Sanja is an excellent influencer with a proven track of building and leading international teams in challenging commercial environments. Her passion for the power of communication has also led her to accept speaking engagements at international conferences where she spoke to thousands of people about change, with women’s rights and inclusion as strong linchpins. She is constantly investigating new startups, seeking strong ideas for a better future, frequently serving not only as a mentor and advisor within accelerators and incubator programs but also as an investor.