Turancan Salur

Regional General Manager, Europe


Born in Istanbul, Turancan grew up in Turkey before moving to the US and graduating from the University of Chicago. After graduation, Turancan returned to Turkey and began work as a Corporate Finance Associate at KPMG before co-founding BiTaksi with Nazim Salur in 2013. BiTaksi became Turkey’s leading taxi hailing app and connected app users with taxis in as little as 3 minutes. Having gained experience in the technology field, Turancan went on to become the Chief Strategy Officer at the pioneering ultrafast grocery delivery company, Getir, which was the first company to deliver groceries in 10 minutes.

Since launching in 2015 it achieved ‘decacorn’ status in just over 6 years and now operates in all 81 cities. Getir delivers from a range of 2,000 grocery items to customers in minutes. In 2021 Turancan led Getir into its first expansion outside Turkey and became its UK General Manager as the tech business launched in London in January of the same year.

Following their successful market entry in London, Turancan has since overseen Getir’s growth into around 20 cities and towns in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Cardiff, Liverpool and Bristol and has now moved into a European role as Regional General Manager.

In his younger days, Turancan was a proud home brewer of various beers. Those days are gone. Now, when not overseeing the largest ultrafast online grocery delivery company, he is a busy father of two young children with only occasional visits to the gym.