Valérie Legat

Chief Digital Factory Officer


Valérie starts her career in 1998 by founding the digital agency Business Lab - The Netchandising Company™. Very quickly, the agency becomes renowned through many Innovation and Design awards.
In 2015, the agency becomes an exclusive partner of McKinsey&Company Paris. Valerie joins McKinsey&Company in 2016 and founds two practices: Design&Innovation and Digital Business Building.
In 2020, Valérie returns to her first love of Retail and joins Carrefour Group as Global Customer Experience director for ecommerce. End 2020, she is entrusted with the Strategy and Product management for the french e-commerce platform; early 2022, Valérie founds the first Digital factory of the group for e-commerce and marketing. End 2022, Valérie founds the Stores Digital Factory.