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AdAlong is the only platform to curate and display visual Community Generated Content, at scale, all along the customer's journey. Beyond increasing advocacy and conversion, it contributes to a more authentic and inclusive communication.

Today, more than ever, customers discover brands and products on social media and base their purchasing decision on authentic content: User Generated Content (customers reviews, pictures and videos from customers). 

On the other hand, communities are increasingly sharing their experiences of brands and products on social media, the biggest source of UGC, we call them Community Generated Content.

While marketing teams are trying to get more UGC, to provide the authenticity their customers request, so far it has been impossible for them to curate social CGC at scale.

It’s why we created AdAlong, the only platform to automate, thanks to AI, CGC curation and distribution.

Thanks to the platform, our clients boost their community loyalty and advocacy and are able to leverage a large volume of CGC at every touchpoint of their customers journey : product pages, home pages, social media, newsletter… It contributes to better engagement and conversion rates on social media and e-commerce where CGC are displayed but also to a more authentic and inclusive communication.

At AdAlong, our solution and team values are aligned, we promote: Authenticity, Diversity and Co-Creation. Our clients : L'Oréal, Etam, Allianz, Renault Trucks, Lyon Airport, Modz... Winner: Data & Creativity - Decathlon x AdAlong // Nuit du Commerce Connecté - L'Oréal x AdAlong // Top 30 Station F