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A Plug-and-play retailer platform to seamlessly manage your shelves, inventory, and orders.

Meet Algoretail, an AI-Driven platform that connects the dots between the shelf, the workers, and the suppliers to optimize workflow and manpower efficiency, reduce waste and consequently increase profit. Keeping your store’s shelves fully stocked, with the right products and your back store neat and organized. That’s the smart and profitable way of working. With Algoretail it also becomes the easiest and most automated way of working. 

Substantial results in every aspect: -40% Waste, -35% Product returns, -20% Manpower, 99+% On Shelf Availability, +25% Back store space

How does it work? Algoretail generates an automated, transparent, and dynamic process, from the moment a product enters the back store until it is purchased. 

Accurate ordering of goods - Automatic orders are sent to suppliers based on actual shortages, the popularity of products, market trends, and sales forecasts. This includes fresh products with short expiration dates

Coordinating back store with shelf placement - For a complete overview of products’ quality, expiry dates, and quantities

In-Advance preparations – Back store workers know what products are missing on the shelves and prepare a cart for stocking of shelves, according to a work plan provided by the software

Automatic tasks generator for employees - Shelf stockers are provided with up-to-date lists of products, a planned distribution route, and shelf design images to guarantee a perfect shelf appearance

Who we are? 

A team of retail, management, systems development, and user-experience experts came

together with a common goal – to develop tools that help retailers run automatic and

smooth in-store operations, streamline their sales cycle, upgrade their customers'

shopping experience, and improve the store’s bottom line. 

Benefit more with Algoretail:

Better shopping experience, more returning customers, employees productivity rises, less waste and operational costs, higher revenues

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