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50 years after the barcode, brings retail into the image era. Our expertise in computer vision has enabled us to develop two solutions:, the AI-driven shop and, the autonomous shop.  Our vision is to offer - from a single platform - all the solutions that will allow shops to become frictionless for the end consumer (no more need to look for a missing product, to scan it, to wait with your shopping cart, to run for the shop to be open...) and to improve their global performance.  We have achieved operational excellence in the service of the end-user. Our solution offers a real time management of the shop allowing, among other things, to quickly reduce the number of out-of-stocks, label errors, to better manage the immobilized stocks resulting in an increase of the store's turnover as well as the customer satisfaction. We want our solutions to deliver a fast ROI by being affordable, quickly integrated into an IT landscape and having a wide functional coverage, from the supply chain to the checkout.