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Catalina is a shopper activation business working with some of the UK’s leading retailers to drive genuine long-term customer loyalty. We deliver personalised messages and offers that engage shoppers in the right place, at the right time, whether at home, outside of the store, during shop or post shop. We do this by harnessing the power of retailer’s customer data, applying our advanced algorithms and analytics solutions in order to create personalised offers. These messages are delivered to customers wherever they are, in-store with Catalina’s network of printers at till that deliver colour coupons, through Catalina’s e-com or digital channels or our digital gamification solutions. Our clients trust us to come up with hyper-personalised, tailored, creative and innovative communications solutions that positively impact their bottom line and build loyalty.  

Catalina was the first business to deliver personalised offers based on realtime customer purchase behaviour.  Today, we continue to lead the way, now operating across digital channels, as well as our in-store media hub which delivers hyper-personalised content where retailers need it most.  We’re made up of a team of experts who have a deep-rooted understanding of how shoppers behave.  We are adept at creating personalised products and solutions that transform the way retailers communicate and engage with shoppers, in-store and digitally, for the benefit of today’s retailer and today’s shopper.