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CENTREDO is an IT company that delivers solutions for retail and supply chain.


Here is a brief about us. Our company delivers 3 solutions:


IdealoRama - AI planogram management and identification platform, that increases planogram compliance accuracy and on-shelf availability of goods

With IdealoRama retailers can improve planogram compliance and on-shelf goods availability for customers and bring the best shopping experience


CENTREDO - e-document management platform with features for doc-construct, docflow, business process creation, and data hub. CENTREDO covers both EDI and non-EDI documents, for internal company's business processes and for operations with external business partners


Listex - open digital CPG catalog, that with a complete cycle of product description including photoshoots, measurement of weight and dimensional characteristics, full product description, as well as placement of abovementioned the information to the open catalog (open catalog you can see at listex.online and listex.info


Master data from LISTEX is used in printable advertisement, mobile applications for your website as well as promotional offers and online stores, at merchandising and logistics.