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Clearpay is more than just a payment provider. We are a platform solution for today’s retail businesses, delivering data and marketing solutions to our retail partners.

Clearpay empowers today’s generation of shoppers to buy their products now and pay in four instalments over six weeks. As a leading buy now, pay later provider, Clearpay enables shoppers to manage their spending responsibly, with transparent spending limits and no external credit checks. In the UK, Clearpay is helping more than 9,500 retailers unlock sustainable growth with increased sales, greater foot traffic, and more new-to-file customers.

Clearpay’s commitment to financial wellness and customer-centricity drives our connection with more than 2.5 million UK shoppers. From July 2020 to June 2021, on a global level, 30% of Active customers initiated one or more purchases from the Clearpay platform. Reflecting the power of its network, Clearpay drove approximately one million customer referrals globally to our retail partners globally every day from January 2021 to June 2021. Learn how Clearpay can boost your business.