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Logistics tech startup Codept, backed by Beumer Group, provides the bridge between the worlds of e-commerce and fulfilment logistics, with its cutting-edge, api-driven logistics platform. Via Codept merchants can easily manage the entire life cycle from fulfilment, last mile to returns. After connecting once, Codept provides e-commerce customers near-instant, secure and easy access to a large network of 250+ logistics partners. Flexible warehousing and europe-wide fulfilment are easily accessible. In addition Codept´s customers can rely on 50+ last mile carriers and create standardised parcel labels. Both sides - merchants and logistics partners - keep track of all order fulfilment processes at all times in Codept´s dashboard. Fully automated status tracking of orders enables proactive clarification management - even before the problem becomes a problem. Hence, using the Codept logistics platform merchants lower the level of issues in the fulfilment process and sustainably streamline their logistics processes. That way customers can achieve a long-term reduction of logistics costs.
Good to know: Using state-of-the-art technology Codept is compatible with every software system. Multiple market-leading shop- and ERP systems are already integrated. That way Codept bridges the gap between shop-, ERP and WMS systems via one single platform.