Crealytics Retail Media

Level 1 sponsor

Crealytics is revolutionizing retail media with the industry’s first supply-side platform (SSP), allowing retailers to supercharge their existing sponsored products and regain control by:

- Increasing relevancy to grow click-through-rates: An invisible tech layer integrates directly with your own AI-based onsite search and personalization, removing reliance on siloed third party data. Now, sponsored product listings are as relevant as organic results, preserving the user experience.

- Expanding ad inventory to get more paid clicks: With greater relevancy, you no longer need to limit ad inventory. Now, easily transform existing organic listings into sponsored results without changing page layouts.

- Connecting with multiple demand partners: An API and auction decisioning engine opens up sponsored products inventory to multiple third party vendors so that you can easily tap into brand and agency budgets. This setup allows you to ramp up negotiating power and regain control of your retail media network.

If you’re ready to use Crealytics SSP, there’s no need to replace your existing retail media vendor — you’ll only amplify its performance.

Based in Berlin, Germany, with offices in London, New York City, and Mumbai, Crealytics has been working with the world’s largest retailers for over fourteen years.