Crossing Minds

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Crossing Minds is revolutionizing e-commerce personalization. The platform allows companies to quickly recommend relevant products, upsell & bundle intelligently, personalize emails & SMS, and deliver thoroughly personalized e-commerce experiences. At its core is a highly customized approach, with AI tailor-made to each store's specific needs. This results in greater shopping relevance, higher conversion rates, and 96% average increase in online sales. Crossing Minds believes that the only way to unlock the best results is by customizing for a store's unique attributes. Crossing Minds is the only recommendation engine backed by Shopify and is led by world-renowned AI pioneers. It is helping the world’s most innovative e-commerce & retail companies level up their shopping experience. By providing true 1:1 personalization, world-class support, and easy GDPR compliance, Crossing Minds is quickly becoming the preferred personalization system for e-commerce leaders. Crossing Minds has offices in Paris, San Francisco, and Toronto.