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More shopping happens in the palm of our hands than ever before, with time spent in shopping Apps hitting nearly 110 billion hours in 2022 (+10% YoY). is the industry's most trusted mobile insights and analytics platform. We help the world’s leading retailers gain competitive advantages on mobile.

With our insights, retailers can understand how to reach and engage shoppers on mobile while building an omnichannel strategy that enhances all customer touchpoints.

With you can:

Create “wow” moments
Whether it's trying on makeup digitally, unlocking exclusive deals, or scheduling store pickups, learn what delights your customers. Discover experiences that your customers will love to drive larger basket sizes, higher return frequency and brand loyalty.

Deliver value throughout the customer journey
With mobile apps, the shopping experience begins whenever and wherever customers start to learn about new brands and products. Ensure that each digital touchpoint delivers value through a cohesive shopping experience

Gain a full picture of the customer lifestyle
The apps that customers use provide a glimpse into how they live and what they value.’s cross-app usage data unveils what matters to customers,offering inspiration on the retail experiences that need improvement

Raise the bar with every customer interaction
Doing business on mobile is different, so you shouldn’t be measuring performance with the same metrics used by traditional retail businesses. can help you identify the most relevant mobile metrics, so you can create compelling experiences for your customers. and create the most compelling experience for your customers