Emarsys UK

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Emarsys is the omnichannel customer engagement platform trusted by leading brands and innovative marketers around the world. The Emarsys platform is purpose-built for marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized cross-channel campaigns that drive business outcomes.

Emarsys is purpose-built to give more power to marketers so they can:
• Accelerate time to value by quickly onboarding data and channels to deploy cross-channel campaigns
• Deliver real-time, 1:1 personalization that builds trusted, loyal and lasting customer relationships with every interaction
• Succeed with proven guidance to make smart, quick decisions with data-driven insights and analytics
• Produce measurable results that drive predictable and profitable growth throughout the customer lifecycle

Emarsys is built on the backbone of email, but email was only the beginning for us. We’ve built native capabilities to give marketers a unified view of the customer and to deliver best-in-class omnichannel experiences at scale.
Our single, integrated platform is built to give marketers:
• Strategies and tactics to keep up with their growing business
• Marketing automation to power omnichannel campaigns
• Personalization engine to deliver real-time, data-driven customer engagements at scale
• Predictive analytics to help you make smarter decisions
• Omnichannel integrations to enhance the experience every step of the way

All of this is developed with loyalty built into the platform to drive long-lasting customer relationships.