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Envelope is a computer vision company that tailors state-of-the-art technologies for the retail industry. We specialise in helping FMCG, and supermarket chains achieve 100% on-shelf availability (OSA) and avoid out-of-stock (OOS) scenarios.

Our flagship product, EnRetail, is an AI platform allows you to get rid of manual shelf audits and ditch inaccurate POS data. Simply copy the URL of your IP security camera that overlooks the shelves and paste it on the enRetail platform and we take care of the rest.

- It will keep an eye on your shelf stock and notify your store staff when to restock.
- It will track the replenishment rates of your shelves and help you confirm your staffing needs
- That's not all, it also allows you to securely share all this data with all the stakeholders. For example, by sharing data from every store your central warehouse can plan timely deliveries. Or by sharing the data with FMCG you can ensure your suppliers are well informed.

Worried about data privacy? Don't be! We are 100% GDPR compliant and we ensure that only people whom you have shared the data can access it. You are in full control of your data.

Businesses that use EnRetail report up to a 4% increase in revenue, over 20% boost in employee performance, and increased customer satisfaction