Flywheel Digital

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Flywheel provides a holistic set of services to grow sales and share across all major ecommerce platforms including:

Strategic Consulting
Planning, execution, and optimization of all digital commerce media across search, display, and video
Digital Planogram Management
Creative Services
Promotional Planning
SKU level Forecasting
Corporate Training
Data Science Projects
Data as a Service (DAAS)
New product launch strategy and execution
Market Share
Consulting and Advisory

With over 1,000 years of collective ecommerce experience, our team provides industry-leading technology and methodology to help the world’s most complex brands disproportionately win in digital commerce. We utilize critical thinking and problem solving while leveraging our proprietary and vertically-integrated technology to solve real-world challenges for our clients. Our platform is both a reporting tool for clients and management tool for our teams. By providing diverse data sources into a full-stack, we’re able to determine causation of sales in real time, power automation and drive performance at scale. We work discreetly behind the scenes so that our clients win big and receive the public recognition they deserve.