Fresh Relevance

Level 1 Sponsor

To thrive in a competitive, global market, offering a personalised customer experience is key to improving customer value and retention. But personalisation can be very hard to get right as it involves different teams, channels and tools.

Fresh Relevance helps marketing, CRM, eCommerce and merchandising professionals solve this challenge by putting them in the driver’s seat. Our versatile personalisation and decision engine seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, joins up data silos and provides insights on how to optimise the customer experience. Powerful solutions and an intuitive UI make it easy to engage shoppers across the website, emails and app - no technical expertise needed.

We enable hundreds of online businesses, incl. SpaceNK, Thorntons, Vision Direct and Rip Curl, to unlock their full revenue potential by engaging customers across the purchase funnel and customer journey. The result: improved conversions, customer value and retention. On average, clients see 25% of online sales being influenced by Fresh Relevance.