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We are an organisation of two vital and interconnected communities, Commercial Insight and Social Impact. Together, we are working to drive change that makes a tangible difference for Society, Business and the Individual.

We reinvest the revenue generated through our dynamic commercial activities into delivering Social Impact for the food and consumer goods industry. Playing a unique role; through our thought-leadership, partnership approach and a heritage based on trust, we have the ability to connect in ways that no-one else can, collaborating and inspiring through a truly extensive and highly influential network, where we both provoke and lead healthy debate.

Our progressive Commercial Insight community uses its in-depth understanding of our industry to uncover rich, visionary data and insights. We provide objective, evidence-based analysis that leads to compelling and actionable insights and solutions that help our customers navigate the challenges of an ever-changing industry landscape.

Our Social Impact work addresses crucial and relevant social, economic and business issues, channelling our knowledge and collaborative approach into significant initiatives aimed at uniting and mobilising the whole food and consumer goods industry as a force for good.

Commercial Insight and Social Impact. Two interconnected communities, one IGD.