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Nosto is a commerce experience platform (CXP) enabling retailers to deliver authentic and personalised digital shopping experiences at every touchpoint:



· Category Merchandising

· Product Recommendations

· Dynamic Bundles

· Content Personalisation

· Pop-Ups



· Personalised Emails

· In-store Personalisation

· Mobile App Personalisation


Insights and Optimisation:

· Dashboard & Analytics

· Segmentation & Insights

· Catalog Explorer

· A/B Testing & Optimisation


User-Generated Content (UGC))

· Visual UGC

· Shoppable Instagram


Top 3 USP’s:

· Commerce optimisation: Improve online conversions, AOV, and CLTV 

· Holistic solution: Nosto is an all-in-one tool, saving you time and money

· Personalisation: Create site experiences unique to each customer segment