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A/B Testing Is Dead. Make the leap from A/B to AI.

OfferFit accelerates the creation of knowledge. Trial and error has always been the core of human progress. At OfferFit, we automate experimentation using reinforcement learning, a type of self-learning AI, to make knowledge creation faster than ever before.#

Lifecycle marketers use OfferFit to radically accelerate experimentation. Marketers set the options for different messaging, creative, incentive, channel, and timing. Then OfferFit experiments to discover the best-performing options for each customer.

OfferFit’s Automated Experimentation Platform lets marketers unlock the value in their first-party data to maximize whichever KPIs are most important to their business.


Benefits of Using OfferFit:

— Clear ROI: directly measure the financial impact of automating experimentation with OfferFit.

— Faster Experimentation: replace manual testing with self-learning AI.

— 1:1 Decisioning: Market to individuals, not segments.

— Extreme Flexibility: you choose the data to use, the success metric you’d like to maximize, the channels to use, and the dimensions along which you’d like to experiment (e.g., offer, channel, frequency).

— Actionable Insights: understand why different offers resonate with different customers.