OpenSource Connections

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OpenSource Connections are masters of the craft of search relevance and discoverability, with a specialist team working on e-commerce site search. We work to empower your search team to increase their ability to deliver results for your business. To do this, we provide training courses and expert consultancy. We steward open source software, work with and contribute to search engines including Apache Solr, Elasticsearch and Opensearch, and support the search relevance community. Our book Relevant Search led the way in developing the ‘practice’ of relevance tuning. We run Haystack - The Search Relevance Conference (one event in the US and one in the EU; our US conference is planned for the week of April 24th and tickets are on sale), Meetups and other events plus a Slack group with over 3500 members to promote discussion around search and relevance. Our past clients include LexisNexis, The US Patent Office, Wikimedia Foundation, Rubix, Simpletire and Pond5. We have a global reputation as search engine experts.