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Optimix is a software publishing company, based in France, which has been developing its services in forecasting for more than 10 years to improve retailers’ performance.

More specifically, Optimix has been focusing its expertise on 2 software lines, both essential in this period of uncertainty:

  • XPA dedicated to pricing analysis and optimization, critical in this context of rising inflation.
  • XFR dedicated to the analysis, forecasts and optimization of replenishment and orders in warehouses and points of sale, critical in this context of stockouts in the supply chain.


Thanks to XPA, Optimix is the only company in Europe able to meet 360° pricing needs solely through its internal capabilities and without outsourcing.

Dedicated to price optimization, the XPA suite allows to :

- Collect price data from the Web

- Match your products with the competition

- Ensure range consistency by respecting the logic of format, weight, colour, fragrance, etc.

- Build pricing strategies and measure their financial impact

- Model the sensitivity of demand to prices (elasticity)

- Visualize analysis and results in fully customized dashboards


Dedicated to supply chain optimization, XFR allows to:

- Correct sales history

- Calculate sales forecasts

- Optimize stock levels

- Calculate projections

- Suggest orders

- Allocate, if necessary


Not only are Optimix clients present all over the world, but Optimix clients are present in all retail sectors: food, DIY, pharmacy, home appliances, cosmetics, etc…

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