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Pairzon gives Retail Marketers the power to see the future, every day.

Our AI-powered data intelligence platform pairs in-store transactions from anonymous shoppers with their online identities, empowering retailers to find their in-store audiences online. This gives them a significant edge, because they can leverage vast amounts of data to gain a 360-degree view of each customer (including the anonymous ones they couldn’t reach out to before) and easily create highly-targeted audience segments for their digital marketing campaigns.

It’s almost like giving retail marketers a crystal ball, so they can anticipate their customers’ purchase intent and optimize their campaigns for maximum relevance and conversion. This super-charged personalization delivered with pinpoint precision increases customer engagement and brand-loyalty, and seriously boosts campaign ROI.

We all know that “knowledge is power”, but with Pairzon, it’s a Retail Marketing superpower.

Visit to see how our data intelligence platform can connect your in-store customers' offline data with their online identities, and help you boost your marketing ROI.