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Founded in 2014, Partoo is a 300 people tech company, our mission is to bring businesses closer to their clients.

This is achieved through our simple and intuitive platform that improves the online visibility and e-reputation for all businesses, ultimately increasing traffic to your points of sale. Our solution is equally suited to independent retail managers belonging to franchisees, and marketing departments of large groups.

The solution is based on 2 main pillars:  

Get Found: Through Presence Management the information of your stores is automatically broadcast on a across several platforms and GPS such as Google Maps, Facebook, Waze or Apple Maps etc. This is complimented with our store locator solution.  

Get Chosen: The platform collects, centralises, analyses and responds to customer reviews posted online. Our clients can also collect reviews from satisfied clients. Messages will shift the way internet users interacts with your business, receive all your Google Business Messages from our platform and start building your conversational marketing strategy, thanks to Partoo.

With our smart dashboards you can analyse the online performance of your stores, track KPIs and help inform business decisions.

From 2 co-founders to 300 employees in 8 years, Partoo now helps more than 200,000 establishments to get discovered on the Internet. With presence in 6 main countries: France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and India, contributing to a broad international presence and clients from all sectors:

Major groups: Decathlon, Carrefour, Kia, Leroy Merlin, Toyota, BNP Paribas, KFC, and more!Independent establishments: bakeries, hair salons, pharmacies, craftsmenBrands: Coca Cola, Husqvarna, Nexus, L'Oréal etc.