Level 1 Sponsor is the industry’s first AI-powered spatial intelligence software company that uses anonymous location data from existing infrastructure to observe customer behavior in any physical space. Its technology turns raw behavioral and spatial data from existing sensors into actionable business learnings, allowing retailers to drive the business results that matter most to the growth of their companies in real-time, often delivering a 10x or greater annual return on investment.’s technology anonymizes data, never measuring on any personally identifiable information or demographics. This allows retailers to be GDPR compliant and achieve positive business outcomes in an unbiased way. technology can address a variety of retail use cases, such as improving customer experience, staffing optimization, queue management, staff / customer interaction improvement, display and merchandising optimization, and loss prevention. Value is delivered via a series of dashboards and action recommendations, as well as a number of real-time alerts to guide employee actions. Our simple and cost-effective pilots and ongoing pricing structure allow for fast proof of value and easy expansion with success.

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