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Priceff provides a unique and efficient dynamic pricing solution for products, reservations, and services like grocery home delivery. Our approach comes from the stock market pricing and related research: We continuously adapt the price to find an equilibrium, balancing demand and supply. Retailers can gain major benefits by applying dynamic pricing on grocery home delivery. You can optimize resource utilization by balancing demand within a week and also optimize delivery routes & delivery vans by dynamic pricing linked to postal codes. In quick commerce the delivery price can vary based on current demand, enabling affordable deliveries in silent times and better margins & availability during peak times. We have many retail customers that automatically and continuously adapt their product prices based on demand. Our solution enables customers to efficiently price a large assortment completely automatically. We can deploy different strategies to different product groups or life-cycle stages, e.g. seeking premium prices for popular products and driving volume & reducing stock for long-tail and end-of-life products. Our solution also enables store or store cluster based pricing, which can be highly dynamic and adaptive to local conditions. We have local partners in Germany and Sweden with vast retail expertise. Most of our own staff speaks fluent Swedish and some of us fluent German. We are a Finnish company, based in Helsinki. Links:

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