Proximity Insight

Level 1 Sponsor

Proximity Insight has been developing retail technology to connect customers to Brands for 7 years. After a year of intensive innovation, we developed one application that bridges the gap between physical and virtual shopping experiences, enabling retail everywhere.

Our SaaS solution is the all-in-one retail selling platform that simplifies how Brands Connect, Inspire, and Transact with their customers making it possible for all retailers to be personal, drive loyalty, and sell more.

First, we fully customise our app to embody the Brand from the look and feel, to language, to unique customer journeys as well as importing all pre-existing customer and product data.

The app is then in the hands of the associates who can Connect to their customers through email, Whatsapp, SMS, social media and video chat, schedule appointments in-store or virtually.

Associates will have the power to “wow” customers with the app’s Inspire tools that make it possible to generate personalised & shoppable editorial content quickly and from any device.

While customers are engaged and inspired, checking out is made seamless using our POS system. Combining our real time Clienteling with mPOS, eCommerce and OMS we make it possible for retailers to Transact and ship from anywhere.

During the past 12 months 10 years of digital acceleration has been experienced by the retail industry while customers' expectation for uninterrupted omnichannel experience has increased. Proximity Insight is perfectly positioned to cater for this demand and will help to shape the future of retail.